Doesn't your best friend
deserve the best?

At Oscar & lulu we believe that dog beds should not only provide optimal comfort for your dog, but they should also compliment your homes interior.
Oscar & lulu dog beds are stylish, contemporary and are designed and made here in Australia from exquisite materials from around the world.
Our luxury dog beds are made to order giving you the option of choosing your very own style and size perfect for you and your four legged friend.

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All our products are designed and made here in Australia!

Oscar & Lulu specialises in luxury dog beds that are as beautiful as they are practical.


Oscar & Lulu’s exquisite ranges are entirely designed and made here in Australia, from the best quality materials, making them more durable and longer lasting.

Oscar & Lulu also provide a “Coverlet”, a cover only option, for those who wish to have multiple designs, for a change of season, or to replace a dirty cover while in the wash.

Oscar & Lulu’s inserts are made from unique allergy free, anti bacterial fibre fill and hand filled for the perfect level of´bounciness´ then  covered in a cotton cover, which makes them more hard wearing and durable.

Our Eco inserts are made from Sensational Tencel a unique new fibre that is 100% organic, made from natural wood cellulose originating from Eucalyptus Forestry Plantations. Tencel is supple, durable and flexible, although like cotton, it evaporates 50% more moisture, which inhibits bacteria, making it the perfect hypoallergic and antibacterial option for your dog.

They are a stunning addition to the home. Take your time and enjoy browsing through Oscar & Lulu’s ranges of beautiful dog beds.

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